“Christ our Lord invites to his table all who love him, who earnestly repent of their sin and seek to live in peace with one another…” (UMC Hymnal).  As we covenant to love God and seek to live in peace together during A Place at the Table Pilgrimage 2017, we ask everyone to follow John Wesley’s rules of discipleship adapted below and in our Covenant Video from our Pilgrimage web site.  We encourage youth leaders to expand this covenant or add it to your existing youth covenant, keeping Safe Sanctuary practices in mind.

Do No Harm by Creating Safe Space for Everyone

I will:

  • Prevent the bringing or use of tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, or anything else of this kind and follow the rules of the Crown Coliseum’s prohibition of strollers, weapons, metal chains, spiked bracelets or collars, backpacks, stickers of any kind, balloons of any kind, wrapped gifts or packages, and food or beverages not purchased from the Crown Coliseum.
  • Prevent any article of clothing or sharing of items that do not send a message of love, friendship, and our shared love of God

Do Good by Seeking the Welfare of Everyone Around You

I will:

  • Treat everyone with love, grace, and mercy
  • Express joys, agreement, disagreement and concerns to the Pilgrimage community in a way that seeks to live in peace during the weekend
  • Share weekend joys, concerns, and information with Pilgrimage staff in this way:
    • Speak in person to Pilgrimage staff at our Information Table inside the front entrance of the Crown Coliseum.
    • Send a direct message to Pilgrimage staff through the REMIND app, instructions on page 4 of Leader’s Guide).

Stay in love with God by Being Fully Present

I will:

  • Participate in worship and devotions with my whole heart.
  • Be present to the work of the Holy Spirit in myself and in others.

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