jasoncoxsmThe Pilgrimage Design Team is thrilled to welcome Jason Cox to the Pilgrimage staff family as the new Co-leader for the house band. We are all looking forward to making one of the largest gatherings of United Methodists an even better event.

Below is a brief overview of the application and selection process that has been ongoing for a few months, so that everyone can really see how much thought and time was put into this selection process.

On April 8, 2017 the Pilgrimage Design Team finalized it's search for a new Co-Leader for the Pilgrimage House Band. The position was posted for a few months on the conference website as well as several social media sites. A total of five people applied for the position and four were interviewed and auditioned. The fifth person removed themselves from the process on Thursday, April 6th due a conflict.

As part of the application process, applicants were asked to answer several questions about their experience with leading worship and working with youth. Additionally, applicants were asked to submit a cover letter and a video of them leading worship.

A selection team was assembled and interviews and auditions were held Saturday at White Plains UMC in Cary. The team consisted of 5 members of the Pilgrimage Design Team, 5 former student members of the house band (who also served as a band for applicants to play along with and coach during their audition), and two current adult worship leaders from the NC Conference who are unaffiliated with Pilgrimage and Conference Youth Ministry. The audition began with a 30 minute panel interview. This was followed by a 30 minute live audition.

On April 1, 2016 each applicant was given a list of songs from the music offered at Pilgrimage 2015. They were asked to pick two of those songs to offer during their audition. Additionally, each applicant was asked to choose another song that wasn't on the list. This song could be a hymn, a new song, or an original song that the applicant wrote. Once the applicants notified the design team of their choices, that information was forwarded to the aforementioned former house band members so they could prepare for the audition.

The auditions began at 10am and were completed by 3pm. Members of the selection committee were all given a scoring rubric with five destinct areas to evaluate each applicant. At the conclusion of the auditions, the selection team tallied their results and prayerfully deliberated for an hour and a half. After a healthy conversation, the team selected Jason Cox, a worship leader from the NC Conference as the new Co-Leader of the Pilgrimage House Band.

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