For 23 years, Pilgrimage has been a space for youth and mentors to gather together for a life-changing, worship-filled weekend event with artists, guest speakers, and youth leadership. Pilgrimage is designed to bear witness to the transformative love of Christ and to reflect the North Carolina Conference Youth Ministry Core Values. Our values are:

  • Creating meaningful and Christ-centered learning, mission, and worship experiences for youth

  • Empowering, equipping, and nurturing youth to become leaders in the local, district, and conference levels of the church

  • Practicing Wesleyan traditions while embodying the spirit of Christ in uniting diverse members of our community

Part of the Pilgrimage Design Team’s work is soliciting evaluations from both youth and adults after each year’s Pilgrimage. Following Pilgrimage 2016, the Design Team received more than 530 youth and adult event evaluations. A significant number of the evaluations commented on the divisiveness experienced by participants at Pilgrimage 2016. As a result, a short-term evaluation team was assembled to examine all of the evaluations, maintain accountability, and offer actionable items to move forward.

This evaluation team met twice and shared their findings and actionable items on January 9, 2017. Since this report, the Pilgrimage Design Team has begun working to implement some of their suggestions so we may provide clearer, improved communication about:

  • Roles, expectations, and group covenants for participants and leaders at Pilgrimage

  • How youth from all churches can participate in Pilgrimage

  • Best practices for conveying information and needs during the weekend

  • Social media usage at the event

  • Event crisis protocol

  • Process for proactive decision making

Please know that we are listening to your concerns and we deeply regret the experience of hurt, anger, and distrust felt by many. We are committed to continued conversation and accountability as we move forward toward Pilgrimage 2017.
The Pilgrimage Design Team:
Sarah Lancaster
Suzanne Cobb
Susan Graebe
Jacob Blount
Hannah McMillan
Jay Locklear
Jimmy Crayton
Taylor Blackley

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