Our schedule includes 4 sessions with guest speaker, music leader and the Pilgrimage youth house band, participating youth and youth groups, and a special guest on Saturday evening.

Please note – because we have a full program, the conclusion times for each session are approximate.

  Friday, November 10th
 6:00pm  Check-In/Registration begins (One adult per group may come inside Crown to check-in while rest of group waits Outside.)
 6:30pm  Crown doors open
 7:30pm  Gathering
 8:30pm  Session One Begins
 10:00pm  Session One Ends (Estimated)
  Saturday, November 11th
 8:30am  Crown doors open
 9:00am  Registration for groups arriving on Saturday
 10:00am  Session Two Begins
 12:15pm  Session Two Ends - Afternoon Break (See Free Time/Mission Time for Break Ideas)
 6:00pm  Crown doors open
 7:15pm  Session Three Begins
 10:00pm  Session Three Ends
  Sunday, November 12th
 8:30am  Crown doors open
 9:15am  anner Processional Participants Assemble (See Banner Processional for location and details)
 9:30am  Gathering
 9:45am  Session Four
 11:30am  Head for home!

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