Youth Leader Guide for Pilgrimage 2022

Youth Leader Guide for Pilgrimage 2022 150 150 Pilgrimage 2022

Youth Leader Guide for Pilgrimage 2022

If you are a group leader attending Pilgrimage 2022, this guide is for you.

Weekend Schedule

The schedule for the Pilgrimage 2022 weekend can be found here. All Pilgrimage-associated events are listed on the schedule.

There are four general sessions: Friday Evening, Saturday Morning, Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning. The general sessions take place at the Rocky Mount Event Center. Read more about the venue below.

For in-person attendees: the venue doors open before the start of the session and the session starts promptly at the published time on the schedule.

For virtual attendees: the live event stream will begin 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.

Additionally: for those attending the event in person: there are a couple of options for activities on Saturday Afternoon including Rise Against Hunger, Camp Fun Day (this event is full), lunch options and more.

What You Can Expect During a General Session

Each of the four general sessions are approximately 2 hours in length. The format of the general sessions is “concert-style” in that there is a main stage in which attendees engage with the event by watching and engaging with the events that are taking place on stage. Additionally, each general session is guided by the event theme.

During each general session you can expect a Holy Spirit-driven experience that includes: live music performed by the Pilgrimage House Band (with lyrics available so attendees can sing along), talks/presentations from ministries of the NC Conference, scripture readings (led by youth of the NC Conference), youth of the NC Conference sharing their faith story, creative arts features by youth of the NC Conference, sermons from our two main speakers (who you can learn more about at this link), and more!

Pilgrimage is driven, designed and executed in partnership between youth of the NC Conference and adult servant-leaders. While there are some adults present on the main stage at Pilgrimage, the overwhelming majority of speakers and contributors are youth. It has, and always will be, a top priority of the Pilgrimage ministry to feature and promote youth voices as a key pillar of the event.

Being Present at Pilgrimage 

We ask that group leaders encourage youth attendees to be present at Pilgrimage during the General Sessions. Concessions and vendors will close at the start of the session. Movement in and around the Rocky Mount Event Center should be limited during the sessions.

Registration and Checking-In

Check-in for the event takes place on Friday Evening and Saturday Morning. When you check-in, you will receive your access passes for the four general sessions, as well as additional information about the event. An access pass is a physical card attached to a lanyard. Every attendee attending Pilgrimage 2022 (whether a youth or a group leader) must have an access pass to gain access to the Pilgrimage 2022 event. Additionally, each attendee must wear their access pass around their neck at all times they are present at the Rocky Mount Event Center. Venue security will not grant access to the event without an access pass. The card has a small section for an attendee to write their name. While we will have some permanent markers for groups to use to write their name on the access pass, we recommend that you bring a permanent marker for your group.

To check your registration numbers, simply log into your account. Please note that your account will only show you registration details for the four general sessions of Pilgrimage. If you registered for other events, such as Rise Against Hunger or Camp Fun Day, you will have received an email confirming your registration.

The deadline to request refunds was on October 31, 2022.

Venue Details

Venue details apply to those attending Pilgrimage 2022 in-person.

The four general sessions take place at the Rocky Mount Event Center in Rocky Mount, NC. For more information on the venue, click here. As mentioned above, all attendees require an access pass to gain access to the Rocky Mount Event Center for the four general sessions.

There are 2 parking lots adjacent to the Rocky Mount Event Center which is where you will park. The parking lots are surface lots, so you do not need to worry about height-restrictions that are common with parking decks. Each of these parking lots are on the opposite side of the venue from the main entrance. Please follow the posted signs after you park to navigate to the main venue entrance. You can find a map that directs you to the parking lots at this link. Please print the parking pass that can be found at this link to place in your vehicle.

Food and Lodging Information

Pilgrimage (and it’s partners) have worked to provide meal options for Saturday Lunch and Saturday Dinner — you can find details on those options at this link. Additionally, there are restaurant options for food throughout the weekend. Restaurant options (provided by the local chamber of commerce) can be found at this link.

While you most likely have already coordinated your lodging plans, there are a variety of lodging options for Pilgrimage 2022 within the Rocky Mount area. A list of options (provided by the local chamber of commerce) can be found at this link.

Banner Processional on Sunday Morning

In-Person Attendees

As the opening event of the Sunday Morning general session, banners are able to be carried by 2 youth as a way to represent their church’s attendance. See details on banner requirements at this link.

Those wishing to participate in the banner processional should plan to arrive at the Rocky Mount Event Center no later than 45 minutes prior to the start of the session. Additionally, there is a separate entrance for the 2 youth that are carrying the church’s banner during the processional. This entrance is closer to the parking lot than the main entrance – it is on the South side of the building, which is to the left of the loading dock if you are looking at the building from the parking lot. There will be attendants present on Sunday Morning to direct banner carriers to the correct entrance.

As the Banner Processional uses the main walkways in the venue, groups must be seated by 9:40 a.m. If a group is not seated by 9:40 a.m., they will be asked to wait in the lobby until the Banner Processional is over.

Virtual Attendees

Groups attending Pilgrimage 2022 virtually are able to submit a photo of a banner, or a graphic (think: powerpoint slide, image, etc) that will be featured on the screens at Pilgrimage 2022 during the live banner processional.

The group leader that registered the group will receive a virtual experience-specific email from prior to the start of the event with more information on how to submit a banner photo or graphic.

Rise Against Hunger

Rise Against Hunger is a Saturday Afternoon activity at Pilgrimage 2022. This activity requires registration. Additionally, there are two shifts for groups to participate in Rise Against Hunger. Shift times can be found at this link. Rise Against Hunger takes place at the Rocky Mount Event Center.

For groups participating in the first shift of Rise Against Hunger, please stay in your seats following the Saturday Morning session. Shortly after other attendees depart the venue, instructions will be provided to direct first-shift participants to participate in Rise Against Hunger.

For groups participating in the second shift of Rise Against Hunger, you should leave the Rocky Mount Event Center after the Saturday Morning session and return at 1:15 p.m. When arriving, please enter through the main entrance for the venue and navigate to the gym, which is to the right of the area where the general sessions take place.

Camp Fun Day

Camp Fun Day is a Saturday Afternoon activity at Pilgrimage 2022. This activity requires registration.

Camp Fun Day will take place on the main lawn at NC Wesleyan between the Gateway Technology Center and the football field. NC Wesleyan is a short, 15-minute drive from the Rocky Mount Event Center. Parking is available adjacent to Petteway Hall, as well as next to the football field.

In the chance that there is inclement weather, Camp Fun Day will take place in the Dunn Center at NC Wesleyan. If there is inclement weather, group leaders will be informed via email, as well as via announcement during the Saturday Morning session.

Regarding physical accessibility at Camp Fun Day: the area and ground in which Camp Fun Day is taking place is not fully-level. There is a curb surrounding access to the location of the event. Physical accessibility at Camp Fun Day is not guaranteed due to the location of the event.


The Rocky Mount Event center is fully accessible for all attendees. Those with physical limitations are able to access the event using the exterior/interior ramps and automatic-opening doors. There are also elevators for use so that attendees are able to access both levels at the venue.

Accessible seating is available on the main level at the venue (also called “floor seating”) and on the second level of the venue along the upper concourse.

During general sessions, bright (and sometimes fast moving) lights are used. Additionally, loud music, noises and talking can be expected. The Rocky Mount Event Center offers sensory kits, which can be found at the main information desk.

For additional questions regarding Accessibility at Pilgrimage 2022, please contact

Youth Participation

If a member (or members) of your group are participating as a youth in the event (faith story, creative arts, countdown, etc), you will receive a personal email from the Pilgrimage team prior to the event with additional instructions and information.


If you pre-ordered Pilgrimage t-shirts, these t-shirts are available for pickup on the second level of the Rocky Mount Event Center at the YSF table. Follow signs for “Exhibitors.” We ask that one group leader picks up the order for their entire group as each order is packaged together.

COVID-19 Protocols

You can read the Pilgrimage 2022 COVID-19 protocols at this link.

Insight to Youth Stories

During each general session, youth share their faith story. So that group leaders are prepared to mentor youth attendees in their group, you can find a debrief of each of the faith stories that will be shared at this link.


Group leaders can access a weekly devotional guide for the Pilgrimage 2022 weekend at this link.

Exhibitors and Advertisers

NCC Pilgrimage partners with other faith-based organizations and ministries. These organizations and ministries are provided with the option to create advertising content that is shared with attendees. Additionally, some of these organizations and ministries are exhibiting at Pilgrimage 2022.

Exhibitors at Pilgrimage 2022 can be found on the upper level of the Rocky Mount Event Center.

Communicating with Pilgrimage During the Weekend

NCC Pilgrimage is committed to open and actionable communication for group leaders prior to and during the Pilgrimage 2022 weekend. NCC Pilgrimage staff are accessible in the main lobby of the Rocky Mount Event Center when the venue is accessible to attendees. Additionally, you can contact NCC Pilgrimage staff by emailing or texting (919) 808-1806. The email address is monitored throughout the year. The phone number is monitored from November 6, 2022 through November 14, 2022.

Other Details

Get excited for the Pilgrimage House Band live music at Pilgrimage 2022 by listening to a Spotify playlist here.